Kreative Kids Art Exhibition

We are currently holding our 2019 Exhibition at GCCC Robina Gallery.
A lot of work has gone into the preparation for this event.
All of our wonderful students have been busy creating artworks based on this years teachings on Perspective and Basic Watercolour Techniques.
We then sourced a reasonable priced frame that looked great to showcase all their beautifully created pieces. The artworks were then framed, restrung and ready to go.
Invitations were sent out. Posters were created.
Ideas were then put together for the 3 Display Windows that we were given to use throughout the two week Exhibition time.
We had the usual crazy hanging day that comes with every Gallery hanging setup. Working out placements, correctly setting hanging heights and overall presentation.
The Window Displays were then arranged following our chosen theme of Springtime represented by birds and nests.
Our Official opening was a great success with plenty of amazing, encouraging comments, food and drinks!
I am so incredibly proud of all our students and their wonderful supportive families.
During the exhibition showing the public have also shown great support, some even asking if they could buy the students work.
You guys are the best! Congratulations on a fantastic 2019!