Projects & Seminars


Hospital Mural

Kerry produced a collaborative mural at Marycrest, St Vincents Hospital, Brisbane that was created with the inclusion of patients participation. The Mural was designed to enhance the patients relaxing area and incorporated the concept of the surroundings outside the building.
The design was kept simple enough for the patients to be able to work on the mural regardless of artistic ability and agility.


Fiji Conference

What a wonderful time we had in Fiji teaching both in the city of Nadi and in a Local Village.
The 3 day workshop teaching Art and how to hear God's heart and illustrate that for people was informative & fun. The two lovely groups we taught were a delight. As we explored the depths of what Art could be we saw individuals both laugh & cry. Each group was surprised at what they learnt in such a short space of time and are going to continue to use their new found skills to impact others. We certainly grew to love these amazing people of Fiji.
Thank you Fiji for hosting us!

Collaboration with Marycrest Aged Care & East Brisbane State School

This collaboration spanning the generations was conceived by Kylie March the Diversional Therapist Coordinator for Marycrest, a division of St Vincents Hospital, Brisbane. It was to be a symbol of the care and love between the two organisations that come together monthly, when the teachers bring the children from Grades 3/4 to visit with the elderly.
The end goal was to create 2 identical artworks, one to hang at Marycrest, the other was for the Principles office at East Brisbane State School. It was to be completed in time for Seniors Week as part of the celebrations of the elderly within our communities.

I conceived 3 different ideas that could be used to bring this concept to life and submitted them.
The winning idea was to create an artwork based on the concept of the Family Photo Albums every home used to have. Photo albums were only with us for 100years as they are now largely replaced by digital storage. They were the perfect representation of the beginning, and the end of an era. They were always personal, capturing those moments in a family's history that bound them together as a family.
I set about teaching the more mature of our students the basics of drawing their own portraits, placement of features, etc. We then photographed each of them and sat them down with their own photo and had them draw themselves.

Meanwhile, the lovely and artistic Grade 3/4D teacher, set about getting each of the children in her class to draw their portraits.
We then set about the long task of transferring all the drawn portraits from both the elder students and their young counterparts onto the two large canvases.
They were copied within a small frame to represent pictures in a photo album.

The children and elder art students then set about painting their own portraits.
It was a joy and delight to work with Sue and her class and the Marycrest artists. They all did a wonderful job and were an inspiration to us with their enthusiasm.
The two canvas now hang in the separate venues.
Well done everyone. You did GREAT!!

East Brisbane State School